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Honda CR-V's 4WD system is not working – again

Teknikens Värld is testing the four-wheel drive system in Sweden's 20 best-selling SUVs. Honda CR-V proves once again that its system doesn't deliver what it promises.

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Last year Teknikens Värld tested the 4WD system in Honda CR-V. We then discovered that Honda's 4WD system didn't perform well at all. The system overheated when the surface was slippery. The CR-V wasn't able to drive uphill when the traction was poor. The front wheels were just spinning and the rear wheels were not moving at all.

Honda explained that is was a built-in functionality to spare the mechanical parts of the system. But Honda did listen to our criticism and they shortly after offered all their customers in Sweden a software update to eliminate the problem.

We then tested the CR-V again with the updated software and the problem with the 4WD system was gone. CR-V was now able to run up the hill on the slippery surface.

We have now performed the same test again, now with Honda CR-V model year 2014. As you can see in the movie above the problem is back. The CR-V is not able to climb uphill when the front wheels have no friction. The rear wheels are once again not moving. After 15-20 seconds the CR-V instead slides off the low friction rolls.

Our test method with low friction rolls was approved by Honda last year. The method, which is very realistic, has also been adopted by some automakers, such as Subaru.

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